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  • What is Kuk Sool Hapkido?

    Kuk sool Hapkido is a Korean martial art that originated in the Korean royal court during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It is a comprehensive martial art that incorporates a wide range of techniques, including punches, kicks, strikes, joint locks, pressure point attacks, traditional forms and throwing techniques. One of the key principles of kuk sool is the use of circular and flowing/fluid movements, which allows practitioners to redirect an attacker's energy and momentum, using it against them. Kuk sool also emphasizes the use of fluid and graceful movements, as well as mental focus and control. In addition to its focus on practical self-defense techniques, kuk sool also ....

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  • Our first tournament!!

    Our first tournament!!

    June 18, 2022 at Revolution Battle by Joe's Fit Revolution in Sacramento, CA. We brought 7 competitors to our first tournament and brought back 4 medals!! Our first gold by Odin in sparring and 2 silver medals by the Dela Cruz's in sparring. Leina also brought back a 3rd place medal in forms. We came with the attitude of conquering our fears and opening up to new experiences. I am extremely proud of everyone Faithly, Odin, Jamison, Alixen, Chan, Leina, Calvin, and friends and family who showered our team with support. All of you represented G-Elite Martial Arts more than any of us could imagine. I hope everyone leveled up and brings that fire into the school. This is just the beginning!!! ....

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  • We made top 5!!

    We made top 5!!

    Expertise.com has ranked us in the top 5 of the 41 Elk Grove, CA martial arts schools! We are honored and grateful for their acknowledgement and strive for the rest of the Elk Grove community to rank us as their favorite martial arts school for children and adults. ....

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  • Elk Grove Best of Business

    Elk Grove Best of Business

    We are in the running for best place for Martial Arts in Elk Grove! Please feel free to vote for us here https://elkgrovesbestofbusiness.com/ This is our first time running and we are thankful for your support! ....

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  • Which Martial Art is the Most Effective?

    Which Martial Art is the Most Effective?

    The quest to find the most effective martial art has fueled debates and discussions among practitioners and enthusiasts for years. However, before diving into the ring, it's crucial to dispel the myth and explore the broader factors that determine a martial art's effectiveness. Every martial art boasts its unique set of techniques, principles, and philosophies. From the devastating strikes of Muay Thai to the ground grappling of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, each discipline offers valuable skills tailored to different scenarios. Yet, the effectiveness of a martial art transcends mere techniques; it encompasses various factors such as context, personal preference, and individual goals. At G-Elite ....

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  • Empower Your Life: Martial Arts as a Holistic Solution to Modern Challenges

    Empower Your Life: Martial Arts as a Holistic Solution to Modern Challenges

    In today's fast-paced world, where challenges come in various forms, finding a holistic solution that addresses physical, mental, and social aspects is invaluable. Martial arts, with its rich history and multifaceted benefits, emerges as a transformative journey for those seeking empowerment and self-discovery. Self-Defense Mastery At the core of martial arts lies the art of self-defense. It's more than just learning techniques; it's about gaining confidence and ensuring your safety in any situation. Our martial arts programs provide a comprehensive self-defense mastery that goes beyond physical skills, instilling a sense of empowerment in every practitioner. Total Fitness Revolution ....

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  • October 23 Tournament

    October 23 Tournament

    Another tournament in the books!! GGM Lloyd Craft’s Annual Northern CA Martial Arts Championships hosted by Mighty Crane Kenpo Karate. The G-Elite Tournament Team did extremely well. Almost all of our members placed and we even had two go into the grand championships! I am so proud of these guys facing their fears and going into the ring to test their abilities. I am extremely proud of our yellow belts who ended up taking 1st 2nd and 3rd place. I can't wait for more to come and to continue to watch everyone grow and surpass their limitations. ....

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  • Is Sparring Important?

    A common question we receive is: Is sparring important/necessary to martial arts training? YES! And here are a few reasons why: 1. Skill Development: Sparring allows practitioners to apply the techniques and skills they have learned in a realistic and dynamic setting. It helps them understand how to effectively use their techniques, adapt to different situations, and make quick decisions under pressure. Through regular sparring, martial artists can refine their techniques and improve their overall skill set. If you can't do a technique while stressed and under pressure, you do NOTknow that technique. 2. Self-Defense Preparation: Sparring provides valuable experience in dealing with ....

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  • Joe's 2nd Annual Tournament

    Joe's 2nd Annual Tournament

    Another one in the books! So proud of our G-Elite Sparring Team. We brought 8 competitors to spar Joe's 2nd Revolution Battle at Brookfield Elementary and received 2 gold medals! Many of our competitors were first timers and received honorary medals. I am so proud of them as it's difficult enough to even enter a ring, but to receive recognition for their hard work is always so fulfilling. I love what competing provides as its the most realistic approach in applying self defense in real time and showing others that every single one of those reps counted for something. It also provides the best simulation in how deep of an understanding of their techniques and how much knowledge you have ....

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  • G-Elite Attends the WKF 2023 Summit!

    G-Elite Attends the WKF 2023 Summit!

    G-Elite Martial Arts had the privilege of being invited to attend the World Kido Federation's 2023 biannual summit. It was an incredible honor to be invited by the Grandmaster Seo family and the opportunity to be reunited with old mentors and friends was one that couldn't be missed. The nostalgia of training and being surrounded by lifelong martial artists was something that had been missed throughout the years. The meetings and training sessions were impressive as it was clear that everyone in attendance had one goal in mind; to preserve and continue the authenticity of martial arts and kapkido. The WKF goes beyond traditional martial arts to have relatable and impactful lessons, ....

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