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  • What is Kuk Sool Hapkido?

    Kuk sool Hapkido is a Korean martial art that originated in the Korean royal court during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It is a comprehensive martial art that incorporates a wide range of techniques, including punches, kicks, strikes, joint locks, pressure point attacks, traditional forms and throwing techniques. One of the key principles of kuk sool is the use of circular and flowing/fluid movements, which allows practitioners to redirect an attacker's energy and momentum, using it against them. Kuk sool also emphasizes the use of fluid and graceful movements, as well as mental focus and control. In addition to its focus on practical self-defense techniques, kuk sool also ....

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  • Our first tournament!!

    Our first tournament!!

    June 18, 2022 at Revolution Battle by Joe's Fit Revolution in Sacramento, CA. We brought 7 competitors to our first tournament and brought back 4 medals!! Our first gold by Odin in sparring and 2 silver medals by the Dela Cruz's in sparring. Leina also brought back a 3rd place medal in forms. We came with the attitude of conquering our fears and opening up to new experiences. I am extremely proud of everyone Faithly, Odin, Jamison, Alixen, Chan, Leina, Calvin, and friends and family who showered our team with support. All of you represented G-Elite Martial Arts more than any of us could imagine. I hope everyone leveled up and brings that fire into the school. This is just the beginning!!! ....

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  • Why do we have testing in Martial Arts?

    Why do we have testing in Martial Arts?

    We just had another successful testing ceremony and one of the students asked, "If testing is just seeing if we know things that we learned in class, why do we have a special day for it and why is it so hard?" And I thought that it was an insightful question that many others may have. Especially those who do not actively participate in testing for advancement. Simply put, everyday is testing. Every class, every lesson, every technique, every day we wake up; we are being tested, and overcoming these tests is one of the best ways to recognize your knowledge especially after a difficult and stressful session. Everyone looks skilled/knowledgable when they are calm and collected, but in ....

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  • Second Tournament for 2022

    Second Tournament for 2022

    We did it again! Second place for sir Calvin and ma'am Leina!! So proud of them on placing with such short prep time since I was away for three weeks. Such an honor to be invited to Might Crane Kenpo's 1st tournament. Very long day, but time well spent. We will work harder and gain our first gold medal!! As always, I am so proud of everyones hard work and can't wait to keep growing with everyone. Props to sir Dennis for coming through and recording their matches, which have been uploaded to our youtube channel (yes, we have one and it's still in the works!!) link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MZTThZGRFg ....

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  • We're #1?!

    We're #1?!

    https://distinguishedteaching.com/report/mixed-martial-arts-classes/near_elk-grove-sacramento-county,ca/ To our surprise, Distinguished Teaching has voted us #1 MMA Gym in Elk Grove, CA out of 258 schools in Sacramento!! We are truly humbled and honored to receive their praise and vote. I have reached out to state we are more of a traditional martial arts school, however haven't heard back from them. I did notice that others were also traditional martial arts school and not exactly MMA gyms. Maybe that's going to be the new age term for all martial arts? I hope to live up to this rank for years to come. Thank you again Distinguished Teaching and everyone who supports G-Elite Martial ....

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  • We Made it on TV!

    We Made it on TV!

    Thank you so much Lori Wallace and everyone at Good Day Sacramento for having us on the show! Such a pleasant surprise and thank you Nikki Gaddis for suggesting we be a segment on the show. I'm so honored and feel so welcomed by the community and hope to serve you as much as we can. You can see the rest of the show from the following link: ....

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  • What's the difference?

    What's the difference?

    I often get asked, "how are my karate classes?" and I have to explain we don't teach karate classes, we have kuk sool hapkido classes and have to go into explaining karate is a specific type of martial arts and not the genre or general term for them. They will usually follow up listing any style they have heard of, "oh so it's taekwondo kung fu or is it brazilian jiu-jitsu?" So, I thought it would be an interesting blog topic to address: what martial arts is as a whole to me and their differences. Marital arts is a general term to a system of self defense, which can be further broken down into the categories such as sports, traditional, exercise, and even spiritual or healing. The art ....

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  • Parent's Night

    Parent's Night

    As a martial arts studio, G-Elite Martial Arts prides itself on not just teaching self-defense and physical fitness, but also promoting positive character traits such as discipline, respect, and perseverance. In order to showcase our students' progress and to foster a strong sense of community among our families, we recently held a successful 'Parent's Night' event. Our Parent's Night was an opportunity for parents to enjoy an evening to themselves, while students enjoyed an evening of team building, games, dinner, art, and desserts. Overall, the night was a great success, not just in terms of showcasing our students' life skills, but also in strengthening the bonds ....

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  • Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!! Our second Halloween party was a great success. We have some beautiful costumes and artwork displayed at the school. Everyone got to play various games and win prizes. I think the adults loved it as much as the kids did. Can't wait for next year! ....

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  • We made top 5!!

    We made top 5!!

    Expertise.com has ranked us in the top 5 of the 41 Elk Grove, CA martial arts schools! We are honored and grateful for their acknowledgement and strive for the rest of the Elk Grove community to rank us as their favorite martial arts school for children and adults. ....

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